Container transport

Transports Aubin have specialized in transporting maritime containers for over 30 years. Many manufacturers, freight forwarders and ferry companies entrust Transports Aubin with the transportation and storage of their maritime containers.

We transport industrial containersrefrigerated containers, and hazardous materials containers (class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9).

Transport and storage of sea containers

Our container services rely on high-performing equipment and a team of versatile skilled drivers, trained in different types of transportation.

We have a fleet of 75 semi-trailers equipped with on-board computer and mobile phone, coupled with real time geolocation.

More than 150 fixed chassis, with varied characteristics adapted to different requirements, complete the vehicles in circulation:

  • Sliding bogie trailers
  • 20 foot chassis
  • Double trailers
  • Multi-position skeletal trailers
  • Generators
  • Squales

Handling and Storage - In Rennes and in Le Havre

Handling containers is quick and safe on the 2 sites, with our two 30-ton lifting capacity lift trucks with spreaders.

The power supply for the refrigerated is directly from jacks on the 20,000 m² restricted area entirely covered in asphalt.


Repair and washing of sea containers

Washing and repairing of containers is carried out in the integrated workshop, by dedicated qualified staff.


Services and storage - Containers and pallets

The logistics platforms are organized is such a ways as to provide our clients with the best possible service: the containers can be stripped or stuffed, their content stored and redistributed in lots according to requirements.

Transports-Aubin - Stockage racks et palettes

The warehouses are racked and secure. The storage capacity is:

  • 1 000 m² in Rennes
  • 2 800 m² in Le Havre

i.e. a total capacity of more than 3,000 pallets.


The office in Le Havre has a 30-strong team and a fleet of 25 semi-trailers, and specializes in containers. It acts as a base giving access to the port of Le Havre, located right beside the port terminals.

It is a real transport hub, improving the service quality we provide for our clients. Transports Aubin is one of the maritime container transport leaders in Brittany and the west of France.

Deux chariots avec sprader d'une capacité de levage de 30 tonnes
Deux chariots avec sprader d'une capacité de levage de 30 tonnes
Des manutentions rapides à Rennes et Le Havre pour un équivalent 3000 EVP ©Aubin Transports
150 chassis porte-conteneurs dont des trains doubles
150 chassis porte-conteneurs dont des trains doubles
Les Transports Aubin disposent de tous le matériel nécessaire pour assurer toutes les problématiques du transport de conteneurs ©Aubin Transports
Un parc de conteneurs de 20 000 m2 entièrement enrobés [EN]
Un parc de conteneurs de 20 000 m2 entièrement enrobés [EN]
Avec une gestion informatisée du stockage de conteneurs garant de manutentions rapides et sécurisées [EN] ©Aubin Transports

L'énergie renouvelable 100% française chez les Transports AUBIN

12 April 2024

Transition énergétique : Biogaz et Oleo100.

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05 October 2023

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